Programs Faculty of Engineering and Technology B-Tech (PASS) Sample Papers
Advanced Communication Systems (n/a)
Advanced Electronics - I (n/a)
Advanced Electronics - II (n/a)
Automatic Control Systems (n/a)
Basic Electronics (n/a)
Bridge Engineering (n/a)
College Algebra (n/a)
College Calculus (n/a)
Concrete Structures (n/a)
Digital Computer Electronics (n/a)
Electrical Technology (n/a)
Engineering Drawing (n/a)
Engineering Materials (n/a)
Engineering Physics - I (n/a)
Engineering Physics - II (n/a)
English Compositions (n/a)
English Grammar (n/a)
Foundation of Engineering - II (n/a)
Fundamentals of Engineering - I (n/a)
Heat Transfer (n/a)
Highway Engineering (n/a)
Industrial Machines (n/a)
Industrial Metallurgy (n/a)
Instrumentation and Control (n/a)
Introduction to Information Technology (n/a)
Irrigation Engineering (n/a)
Islamic Studies (n/a)
Linear Circuit Analysis (n/a)
Manufacturing Technology (n/a)
Pakistan Studies (n/a)
Power Plants - I (n/a)
Strength of Materials (n/a)
Surveying and Leveling (n/a)
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